Lisa Hartlauer, Managing Member/ Controller

Jesse Hartlauer, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jesse Hartlauer Jr., Layout & Production

Stephen Hartlauer, Layout & Production

Kenny Hartlauer, Design & Graphics

Danny Wehrer, Shop Foreman

Frank Vivirito, Sales Manager

Scott McIntosh, Sales Associate

Caryn Harper, Sales Associate

Julie Flick, Sales Associate

Jacob Hosmer, Office Manager

Lauryn Hartlauer, Accounting

Brent Grotewold, Service Manager

Company Profile

Founder Jesse Hartlauer was raised in a sign maker's home
and grew up a sign craftsman. After being taught most of his
skills by his father, Walter Hartlauer, Jesse relocated to Las Vegas
in 1978 to begin his career in the booming sign industry. After
almost 30 years with another company, Jesse decided to branch
off and start with his own company. Today, Jesse, with the help of
his family, has cemented his name in the industry through the
company he started: Hartlauer Signs.

Hartlauer Signs is a one stop shop for sign manufacturing, install

and service. Through state-of-the-art technology and machinery, Hartlauer Signs provides excellent quality and customer service.

Built On 30 Years Of Experience In The Industry!

Founded: 2006 as Hartlauer Manufacturing LLC, Became Hartlauer Signs in 2009

Owner: Lisa Hartlauer

Nevada Licensed Contractor: #0072762​

Our Team:

The Hartlauer Family

3900 W. Dewey Dr. Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

Phone: (702) 880-4328 Fax: (702) 880-4329